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rose, polymer clay, chalcedony

Polyclay Update

So, I spent most of yesterday making some new polymer clay things. A few roses, a couple of lilies, some abstract things for me, and a smidge of dessert. I'm not really happy with the lilies or the desserts; the cookies were just an experiment I've been planning for a while, and the white clay for the lilies just wouldn't behave this time. Plus weird dust and colors seem to stick especially well on white = horrid.

Anyway, I plan to keep working with the pieces though they've been cured. These are all pre-glaze, and though sometimes I do like the matte look, glazing covers a multitude of sins. Plus I feel like it makes them sturdier. So, on to the pictures:

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rose, polymer clay, chalcedony


I've been really busy, school and all, and i've made a bunch of stuff, but i don't have time to post it. But last night, i did give a new idea a try: i made a ring out of polymer clay. it's not very professional and my first attempt, but i think it's pretty interesting. hopefully i'll find a better work surface to shape the circle, and try some new designs in the future. but here 'tis:

[I actually think the photo is pretty pro. :D btw, the ring reminds me of Wall-E's girlfriend. x]

Till next time.