Delia (jewelparadise) wrote,

Recent Pieces

Wow... I really haven't posted in a while...
But it's been busy! Really!
Anyway this will be, perhaps as usual, a picture post for the most part, since I've still been making bunches of jewelry even if I haven't been posting about it. I might actually use an LJ cut for this post... haven't had one of those for a while! xD

First up:

Pink polyclay earrings with experimental rhinestones. I think they turned out well! I don't have a pair of pink ones for myself, so I'll be keeping these, but I did make a few more pairs of rhinestone-less pairs for my shop, to be listed in due time. I'll be stocking up on rhinestones to see if I can make more pairs like this - I quite like the look, and color combinations should be fun.

I'm still a fan of rutilated quartz x] and I made this necklace for myself with sterling silver components. I don't spring for that so much in my shop since it doesn't seem to sell as well (understandably, since it IS more expensive and my shop is currently more cutesy than high-end...), but I like to have some precious things for myself. Working with silver does frazzle me more, though... every time I make a mistake I feel horrible about wasting.

I finally got my hands on some labradorite! They're small, but as the second picture shows, they do have a bit of blue :D These earrings are also all sterling silver, with freshwater pearl accents.

Green amethyst! I finally sprang for a briolette and the color is so faint (it doesn't help that the color of the wall is nearly the same as its color), but it sparkles with all these lovely facets *_* Anyway, this is also all done in sterling, wrapped messily and topped off with a freshwater pearl. The top loop is... super messy. It was just a little small to work with and I came up with the idea after finishing off the design, so it's probably not the most well-thought-out move ever.

My last sterling silver piece of the batch, and this one isn't even fully sterling silver. The headpins are plated, and as much as I cringe at mixing metals, I didn't have the patience to wait for a whole shipment of silver ball-end headpins to come in. This is a drop of bicolor quartz, and you can see the banding of smoky color near the wire swirl at the top. I clustered it with some baroque freshwater pearls.

Just having some fun with leftover crystals and wire spirals! I love the color of the top rondelle - one of my favorites. I made a much more complex beaded and wired necklace with graduated rondelles of this sort, but I haven't got pictures of that at the moment. Something to anticipate!

Earrings involving the same type of spiral, lovely rich fuchsia (I can never spell that right) bicones, stardust beads, and tiny pearls. I'm currently a huge fan of stardust beads... I'll be stocking up on both gold and silver versions shortly, and I'm not sure why they appeal to me so much... but they do!

What did I say about the stardust beads? Haha. Anyway, this charm necklace also features this adorable goldstone heart - I bought a few when I saw them. I love goldstone, though I was sadly disillusioned the day I found out they were actually just glass. I was hoping nature really made them :c Oh well, they're still gorgeous. A side-drilled freshwater pearl is also present here; I was glad to find it because most pearls I see are not wire-wrappable. (Inventing words, yeah, that's how I roll.) I have seen faceted pearls, though... freaky little beads. The things people will do...

Anyway, I think that's enough for now - I still have a few more finished pieces waiting to be shared (:D) but they can wait till my flickr uploads are properly processed o.o To be updated soon!

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