Delia (jewelparadise) wrote,


 So. After much debating and a bit of sketching, I made SNITCH PENDANTS.
As a gigantic Harry Potter fan, I LOVE SNITCHES though much of the world may not regard them with the same wonder as I do... :x
Anyway, my technique to make these pendants was buying wing charms and molding a ball of polymer clay around them to create the snitch. Sounds simple, right? UGH. So much harder than I thought. The clay absolutely refused to stick to the metal. And by the time I got it to stay, it was far from round. I ended up having to tease and tweak the clay on each snitch for them to seem even remotely circular... and ultimately I must have spent around 7 hours total for an output of 9 snitch charms. Wow. Some are rounder than others, but I feel like most are passable. When I sell them, I'll definitely take detailed pictures, etc - haven't listed them yet, but they'll be going up soon. I also coated the the clay in several layers of shimmery glaze, then a final layer of clear glaze just to seal things up.

Ok, excuse my rants. Had to get that out of my system. But here are some pictures!


* a glimpse into my work process x] *

And this is my personal prototype version; the chains will be different on the ones I plan to sell.

Now if only I could make Time-Turners... 

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