rose, polymer clay, chalcedony


I love love love this pair that I made for myself recently so I just had to share them :D

All metal is sterling silver, and the spiral headpins were hand-formed. (I'm pretty sure you can tell... I can't figure out how to make them regular just yet. :c ) All the beads are genuine gemstones and all microfaceted - just the way I like them! Lovely immaculate amethyst briolettes topped with amethyst, crystal quartz, and rhodolite garnet rondelles. I'll be wearing these, but I'm definitely considering making similar earrings to put up for sale - perhaps that'll happen when I restock my gemstone supply :] There's just something about real stones...

I just LOVE them!
rose, polymer clay, chalcedony

Just a few more

Let's just get right to it, huh? The remaining recent pieces I've made:

Simple beaded earrings featuring these lovely frosted glass star beads with a rainbow undertone.

This was just a really random idea I had, but I decided to go with it. I bent a couple of large bead caps to display a crystal rondelle that I managed to wire into the center of the cap. I think they look like big golden/crystal daisies :D

And finally, a REALLY rudimentary piece (and photograph... :x )

Just a simple crystal topped with a bead cap and suspended with an extra hoop.

Till next time!
rose, polymer clay, chalcedony

Recent Pieces

Wow... I really haven't posted in a while...
But it's been busy! Really!
Anyway this will be, perhaps as usual, a picture post for the most part, since I've still been making bunches of jewelry even if I haven't been posting about it. I might actually use an LJ cut for this post... haven't had one of those for a while! xD

First up:

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rose, polymer clay, chalcedony

Silver Stars

So I made this enormous triple-layer bracelet for myself, featuring those star pearls.

And here are my poorly-drawn blueprints for the piece, after several edits:

All metal is sterling silver, and the beads include silver-plated stardust finish rounds, star-shaped freshwater coin pearls, seed pearls, oval pearls, Swarovski crystal bicones, silver glass crystal bicones, and faceted glass crystal rounds.

One last picture!

rose, polymer clay, chalcedony


 So. After much debating and a bit of sketching, I made SNITCH PENDANTS.
As a gigantic Harry Potter fan, I LOVE SNITCHES though much of the world may not regard them with the same wonder as I do... :x
Anyway, my technique to make these pendants was buying wing charms and molding a ball of polymer clay around them to create the snitch. Sounds simple, right? UGH. So much harder than I thought. The clay absolutely refused to stick to the metal. And by the time I got it to stay, it was far from round. I ended up having to tease and tweak the clay on each snitch for them to seem even remotely circular... and ultimately I must have spent around 7 hours total for an output of 9 snitch charms. Wow. Some are rounder than others, but I feel like most are passable. When I sell them, I'll definitely take detailed pictures, etc - haven't listed them yet, but they'll be going up soon. I also coated the the clay in several layers of shimmery glaze, then a final layer of clear glaze just to seal things up.

Ok, excuse my rants. Had to get that out of my system. But here are some pictures!


* a glimpse into my work process x] *

And this is my personal prototype version; the chains will be different on the ones I plan to sell.

Now if only I could make Time-Turners...